Professor Vitali Metlushko

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  • The NCF
  • The NCF has some of the most sophisticated equipment currently available in the Chicago area including a 3000 ft2 Class 100/1000 Clean room, electron-beam lithography (Raith E-Line), optical lithography, stepper, mask fabrication, film deposition (sputtering and e-beam), etching (chemical, RIE and DRIE) and sample characterization (AFM, MFM etc.).
  • Contact Information:
    ph # (312) 413-7574
    fax# (312) 996-6465
    851 S. Morgan M/C 154 Chicago, IL. 60607

    Chicago SunTimes


  • According to ISI Web of Knowledge , Metlushko published 190 articles in refereed journals - Applied Physics Letters (29), Journal of Applied Physics (26), Phys. Rev. Letters (7) and Phys Rev. (34), 111 articles since joining UIC in 2000
  • Metlushko’s current h-index is ranging from 33 (Web of Science) to 37 (Google Scholar)
  • The h-index is an index that attempts to measure both the scientific productivity and the apparent scientific impact of a scientist. The index is based on the set of the scientist's most cited papers and the number of citations that they have received in other people's publications. Hirsch suggested that, a value for h of about 10–12 might be a useful guideline for tenure decisions at major research universities. A value of about 18 could mean a full professorship, 15–20 could mean a fellowship in the American Physical Society, and 45 or higher could mean membership in the United States National Academy of Sciences
  • The results were presented at all major international conferences – more than 50 presentations in last 5 years, last 2 year alone (2009-2010) Metlushko gave 6 invited talks (Spain, Italy, Greece, Australia).
  • My students work at Intel (Evan Zaker), GlobalFoundries (Kasun Punchihewa), Samsung (Khodr Maamari), Kodak (Mattias Mengoni).