ECE 412: LTspice resources

Spring Semester 2014

LTspice, from Linear Technology Corporation will be used for assigments and can be downloaded for free.

Download LTspice

  • Windows/Linux version
    This version will work on Windows and can be run under Linux using wine. It will also work under Mac OS X if you have a Windows VM (such as Parallels).

Getting Started

  1. Download and install LTspice.

  2. Create a local directory called ECE 412 in a convenient location such as your Desktop.

  3. Download the four sample files given below and put them in the ECE 412 directory. To download, right-click on the file name and choose Save Link As… (Firefox) or Save Target As… (Internet Explorer) to save to local directory.

  4. Navigate into the ECE 412 directory and double-click on biquad.asc to start LTspice, then click the “running man”.

  5. The simulation should start running automatically and upon completion you should see two frequency response plots as shown on the bottom of the page (one that looks like a bandpass and the other a lowpass).

Sample files

  • ece412.lib – Custom library containing the ideal opamp

  • ideal_oa.asy – Custom symbol for the ideal opamp

  • biquad.asc – Simulation of biquad bandpass filter using ideal opamp from the library.

  • biquad.plt – Plot settings file for biquad.asc. Allows the simulator to automatically plot the waveforms of interest.

Bode Asymptotes for LTspice

  1. Download Bode asymptotes for LTspice

  2. Unzip the file into your ECE 412 directory.

  3. Access the new parts from the component browser and place on schematic.

  4. Download the following files to test your installation. These are the solutions to Homework #3, Spring 2012.
    hw3_1.asc, hw3_2.asc, hw3_3.asc.

Further Information

Sample Output

Sample LTspice output