ECE 396: Course Information

Spring Semester 2013


11:00pm–11:50pm, Mondays & Wednesdays in 138 SES (CRN: 18169)

Textbook (reference)

ECE 396 

J. Eric Salt and Robert Rothery, Design for Electrical and Computer Engineers, John Wiley & Sons, 2002, ISBN: 978-0471391463.


  • Classroom attendance and participation: (10%)

  • Assignments and presentations: (30%)

  • Final Presentation: (30%)

  • Final Report (graded by faculty advisor): (30%)


ENGL 161 and senior standing.

Catalog Description

Introduction to the principles and practice of product design: specifications, evaluation of design alternatives, technical reports, and oral presentations. Independent design projects. Previously listed as EECS 396. Open only to seniors.

(Fall, Spring) 2 hours.

INcomplete Grades:

The UIC policy is that INcomplete grades should be given ONLY when the student is making satisfactory progress. Please see the current Undergraduate Catalog for a precise statement. I take this to mean that any student looking for an INcomplete needs to have a C average at the time he/she asks for an INcomplete. If the student is earning a D or E, then and IN grade will not be given, regardless of other circumstances. Note that satisfactory progress is a necessary but not sufficient condition for an INcomplete. There must also be a extraordinary reason why I should consider giving an INcomplete.


The minimum penalty for cheating is an E in the course; the maximum penalty is expulsion from the university. Students should not expect merely a zero for the one assignment/test for which cheating occurred. Giving aid on exams etc. is a form of cheating and will also result (for the student giving aid as well as the student receiving aid) in an E for the course or possible expulsion from the university.

Get Help When You Need It!

Do not wait until the end to get help. You know if you are struggling with the course material. See your instructor if you are having difficulties when the problems arise. Don’t wait! Usually, we can get you going so that you can be successful in ECE 396. You are all capable of getting an A in this course. Go for it! But, get help when you need it!