ECE 340: LTspice resources

Spring Semester 2012

Download LTspice

LTspice, from Linear Technology Corporation will be used for assigments and can be downloaded for free. Click here to download.

Getting Started

  1. Download and install LTspice.

  2. Create a local directory called ECE 340 in a convenient location such as your Desktop.

  3. Download the file given below and put it in the ECE 340 directory. To download, right-click on the file name and choose Save Link As… (Firefox) or Save Target As… (Internet Explorer) to save to local directory.

  4. Navigate into the ECE 340 directory and double-click on sample.asc to start LTspice, then click the “running man” to launch the simulation and view the simulation results.

LTspice Files

  • sample.asc – Sample problem solution using LTspice.