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Dr. Sudip K. Mazumder, FIEEE

Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Eng.

Director, Lab. for Energy and Switching-Electronics Sys.

University of Illinois at Chicago K. Mazumder is the Director of Laboratory for Energy and Switching-Electronics Systems (LESES) and a Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). He has over 25 years of professional experience and has held R&D and design positions in leading industrial organizations and has served as Technical Consultant for several industries. He also serves as the President of NextWatt LLC, a small business organization that he setup in 2008.

His current areas of research interests are a) Switching-sequence and switching-transition based control of power-electronic systems and networks; b) Power electronics for renewable energy, electric vehicles and energy storage, and micro/smart grid; and c) Optically-triggered wide-bandgap power-electronics device and control technologies and SiC and GaN device based high-frequency and high-voltage power electronics.

Since joining UIC in 2001, He has been awarded about 50 sponsored projects by NSF, DOE, ONR, ARPA-E, CEC, EPA, AFRL, NASA, NAVSEA, and multiple leading industries. He has published over 210 refereed papers in prestigious journals and conferences and has published 1 book and 9 book chapters. He has presented/will present 94 keynote/plenary/distinguished/invited presentations at leading international conferences, organizations and institutions and currently, he also holds 10 issued patents.

He received his Ph.D. degree from Virginia Tech in 2001 and the M.S. degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in 1993.

He is an IEEE Fellow. He serves as a Distinguished Lecturer for IEEE Power Electronics Society (2016-2019). Starting 2019, he will serve as the Editor-at-Large for IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics. Currently/previously, he also serves/served as the Editor-in-Chief, Guest Editor-in-Chief, and Editorial Board Member for multiple prestigious IEEE and other Transactions.

At the University of Illinois, he received the Inventor of the Year Award (2014), University Scholar Award, highest university award, (2013), Teaching Recognition Program Award (2011), and Faculty Research Award (2006, 2008).

He also received the Office of Naval Research (ONR) Young Investigator Award and the National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER Award in 2005 and 2003, respectively, and prestigious IEEE Prize Paper Awards in 2002, 2007, and 2013 respectively. In 2005, he received the IEEE International Future Energy Challenge Award.

He is the Chair for 2021 IEEE PEDG. He is the current Chair for IEEE Power Electronics Society Technical Committee on Sustainable Energy Systems. He is also the TPC Chair for 2019 IEEE DEAS and the Tutorial Chair for 2019 IEEE ECCE. Previously, he also served as the TPC Chair for 2016 WiPDA.


New Technologies



Patented Differential-Mode Converter


Patented Photonically-Switched Wide-Bandgap Device


Description: Description: IMG_1172.JPG

First Optically-Controlled High Freq. SiC Converter




Patented Hybrid-Modulation-based Capacitor-less High-Frequency-Link Inverter


Overview of few other new technologies being developed


Student Information


Post-doctoral and doctoral positions available in power electronics and power semiconductor devices


Current/past members: graduates, post-docs/visitors


Student placements: General Electric, Philips, ABB, Rockwell, Caterpillar, Fairchild, Infineon, Enphase, Yaskawa, National Instruments, International Rectifier, University Professorships


Student Awards:

1.     Undergraduate honor-role student Marcos Araque receives 2018 L@S GANAS Research Fellowship

2.     The following journal paper selected as one of the 2 best papers for the May 2018 IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics Issue: A. Kulkarni, A. Gupta, and S.K. Mazumder, {Resolving practical design issues in a single-phase grid-connected GaN-FET based differential-mode inverter}, IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, May 2018.

3.     Ph.D. student Ankit Gupta receives a UIC Chancellor Award

4.     Ph.D. student Siamak Mehrnami and Prof. Mazumder received Best Paper Award at the 2013 IEEE PEDG

5.     IEEE Power Engineering Society Award recipients (ECE students) Gerardas Skeberdis and Aijaj Syed with Prof. Mazumder

6.     Ph.D. student Tirthajyoti Sarkar receives IEEE Joseph John Suozzi INTELEC Fellowship Award

7.     IEEE Future Energy Challenge Award recipient team


Current Grants


Integrated GaN FET based high density on board EV charger, National Science Foundation, 2019-2020

Universal battery supercharger, Advanced Research Project Agency-Energy (ARPA-E), 2017-2020

A reliable, cost-effective transformer-less MV inverter for grid integration of combined solar and energy storage, Department of Energy, 2018-2021 (Lead: U. of Arkansas)

CPS: Breakthrough: Collaborative research: Transactive control of smart railway grid, National Science Foundation, 2017-2019

Control of next generation naval wide-bandgap power-electronic systems using predictive switching sequences and switching transitions, Office of Naval Research, 2017-2020

High-voltage optically-activated wide-bandgap rapid fault isolation device, National Science Foundation, 2015-2020


Recently-Closed Grants


CPS: Synergy: Collaborative research: Boolean microgrid, National Science Foundation, 2012-2017 (co-PI: Prof. P.R. Kumar, NAE Member at Texas A&M University)

A modular and flexible high-frequency-link transformer with reduced device count and zero high-side devices, Department of Energy, 2017-2018

GaN for high rep rate pulsed power, Department of Defense (Kyma Technologies flow through), 2015

Differential-mode high-frequency GaN-on-Si PV microinverter, National Science Foundation, 2015-2016

Optically-switched 15-kV SiC single-bias high-frequency thyristor, Advanced Research Project Agency for Energy (Silicon Power flow-through), 2013-2014

Upcoming Updates

Prof. Mazumder to deliver an Invited Tutorial on Multi-scale control of power-electronic systems at 2019 IEEE ECCE

Prof. Mazumder to serve as the Guest Editor-in-Chief for IEEE Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics in Power Electronics Special Issue on Sustainable Energy through Power-Electronic Innovations in Cyber-Physical Systems, 2020

Prof. Mazumder to serve as the Chair for 2021 IEEE Power Electronics for Distributed Generation Systems (PEDG) Conference, Chicago, USA

Prof. Mazumder to deliver a Keynote Lecture at the 2019 IEEE Conference on Power Electronics and Renewable Energy

Prof. Mazumder to serve as the Chair for Special Session on Sustainable Energy Systems and Energy Sustainability at 2019 IEEE ECCE (Link)

Prof. Mazumder to deliver a 2019 IEEE PELS Distinguished Lecture at Microsoft hosted by the IEEE PELS Chapter at Seattle

Prof. Mazumder to serve as the Session Chair for Energy Storage: The systems integration challenge a power electronics view at the 2019 IEEE Future of Electronic Power Processing and Conversion (FEPPCON 2019)


Recent Updates

Prof. Mazumder elected as the Editor-at-Large for IEEE Trans. on Power Electronics, 2019

Prof. Mazumder served as the TPC Chair for the First (2019) IEEE Decentralized Energy Access Solutions (DEAS19) Workshop, Atlanta, USA

Prof. Mazumder delivers an Invited Lecture at IIT Mumbai, (2018) and a Keynote Lecture at COEP (2018)

Prof. Mazumder delivers 2018 IEEE PELS Distinguished Lecture (DL) at IEEE PELS Chapter at University of Toronto

Resolving practical design issues in a single-phase grid-connected GaN-FET based differential-mode inverter selected as one of the 2 best papers for the May 2018 IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics Issue. (Paper Link)

Prof. Mazumder delivers a Keynote Lecture at 2017 IEEE SPEC, Chile

Prof. Mazumder delivers in 2017 IEEE PELS DLs at IIT Delhi (Photo); IISc Bangalore; and University of Santiago, Chile

Prof. Mazumder delivers a Keynote Lecture at 2017 IEEE PEDG conference in Brazil

Prof. Mazumder delivers in 2016 IEEE PELS DLs at ABB and National University of Singapore

Prof. Mazumder delivers the Keynote Lecture at 2016 IEEE ICPEICES

Prof. Mazumder elevated to the rank of IEEE Fellow in 2016 for his original contributions in power electronics

Prof. Mazumder elected to serve as a Distinguished Lecturer (2016-2019) for IEEE PELS

Prof. Mazumder serves as a Guest EiC for IEEE Trans. on Industrial Elec. (2016-2017)

Prof. Mazumder serves as the Guest EiC for 2014 IEEE Trans on Power Electronics (Editorial)

Prof. Mazumder delivers 2014 Keynote Presentation at ST Microelectronics