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Faculty Profile

Current Appointments

Director, Industrial Training and Collaboration Center
University of Illinois at Chicago, College of Engineering, Chicago, IL           June/09- Present
Website: http:// www.itcc.uic.edu

Grant- CISCO Systems, Apple and Google: $24,000. Period: July 2009- January 2010 

Leading a group of graduate students to manage the Industrial Training and Collaboration Center which is a novel effort to connect the students to real-world industrial experience through intensive hands-on training through CISCO systems inc, Apple inc and Google inc. Students gain hands-on experience in computer networking and network security as well as Ethical Hacking through CISCO, iPhone application development through Apple, and Android application development through Google. As the director for the center, I maintain contact with the industry to find the right resources to fund the center as well as link the students to the industry.   

Chair, ABET Assessment
University of Illinois at Chicago, ECE, Chicago, IL                                    June/07- Present

Responsible for leading the electrical and computer engineering department at UIC to maintain the ABET Accreditation. ABET is the recognized accreditor for college and university programs in applied science, computing, engineering, and technology. The assessment process includes driving the program objectives from the school mission, develop student learning outcomes, design rubrics using the right performance criteria for each outcome, curriculum mapping and closing the loop through giving the write feedback and reports to the head of the electrical and computer engineering department, dean for the school of engineering and the provost. 

Clinical Assistant Professor
University of Illinois at Chicago, ECE, Chicago, IL                                    Dec/07- Present
Website: http://www.ece.uic.edu/Faculty/abusalah.html

Conducting research in the System Multimedia Lab for developing a suite of secure wireless routing protocols and preparing grant proposals to fund research in network security. In addition, teaching different graduate and undergraduate courses in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department and in the Computer Science Department. These courses include Computer Networking, Network Security, C++, Java, Computer Organization, Computer Systems Design, Automatic and Optimal Control and Advanced Computer Communications.

Co-Director, Interdisciplinary Product Development
University of Illinois at Chicago, ECE, Chicago, IL                                   Dec/07- Present
Website: http://www.ipd.uic.edu/IPD/

Grant- Cobra Electronics: $75,000. Period: Aug 2008- Aug 2009. Role: Principal Investigator.
Grant- Dell Corporation: $125,000. Period: Aug 2009- May 2010. Role: Co-Principal investigator.
Grant- Cobra Electronics: $80,000. Period: August 2010- June 2011- Role: Principal Investigator.

Interdisciplinary Product Development (IPD) at UIC is a two-semester curriculum that integrates the latest technologies and best practices for innovative product development. The program combines Industrial Design, Electrical Engineering, and MBA/Marketing students from all three colleges to work together in cross-functional teams to research and develop new product concepts. It focuses on the early stages of the product development process, from identifying market opportunities through initial prototyping. Eschewing the old sequential model of product development, in which a design idea originates in a business unit, is given visual form by industrial design, and then passed off to engineering, this course teaches current best practices of true integration of all three disciplines from the very earliest stages of product development.


  1. IDEAL Assessment Scholar- The Institute for the Development of Excellence in Assessment Leadership. ABET, Inc. January 2009.
  2. CoE Teaching Award- College of Engineering Teaching Award from Academy of Excellence in Teaching Education at UIC, Dec 2009.
  3. Publication Proclamation from Robert Morris University, August, 2008.


PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering                                                                  Dec ’06
ECE, University of Illinois at Chicago                                                                                         
Concentration: Computer networking, Security systems, Wireless Networks.

Masters in Communication Engineering (Honors- Ranked second in graduating class)             Sep’99
ECE, University of Jordan                                                                                                               
Concentration: Computer Networks.

Bachelor in Electrical Engineering (Honors- Ranked first in graduating class)                 Jul’97
ECE, Philadelphia University

Relevant Skills

Languages    C, C++ and Java.
Tools              Opnet, Matlab, NS2, AutoCAD, EWB, PSpice, Microsoft Visio, Packet Tracer v4.
Platform Linux, Windows, and Programmable Logic Controls (PLC).
Other Networking protocols (Application: HTTP, FTP, SMTP. Transport: TCP, UDP. Network: IP, RIP, IGRP, EIGRP, OSPF, IS-IS. Data Link: Frame Relay, X.25). Wireless protocols (IEEE 802.11- WiFi, WiMAX), Security standards (SSH, SSL, Kerberos, IPSec).  
Industry certifications
CCSP (Cisco Certified Security Professional)
CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional)
CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate)


Research Experience

Multimedia Systems Laboratory                                                                                   Jan’03 to Present
Dr. Ashfaq Khokhar, ECE/CS, University of Illinois at Chicago                                                    

Research Focus: Security and Traffic Management in wireless network systems

  1. We evaluated some security attacks in TARP. We studied TARP performance using different network security attacks, such as black-hole, gray-hole, worm-hole and rushing attacks. The application of this study will enhance the realism of simulation to the actual secure mobile real life network in an urban or military setup scenario.

Research Focus: Multimedia communication over wired/wireless networks.
Engineered a comprehensive simulation study and performance evaluation analysis of various protocols that have been proposed for Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) environment using OPNET simulator with a particular focus on security aspects. 

Speech Recognition Laboratory                                                                           Jan’97 to Dec’99
Dr. Souheil Odeh, ECE, University of Jordan

Research Focus: Phoneme Categorization in Speech Processing

  1. New method has been introduced for the detection of voiced and unvoiced fricative consonants.
  2. A new algorithm that divides the network into three layers has been designed for phoneme detection.

Relevant Software and Network Projects

  1. Design a QoS Routing protocol in C++. Each node evaluates the QoS level of its neighbors based on a set of attributes.
  2. Implemented the Trust Aware routing protocol in OPNET Modeler 11.5 that allows ad hoc clients to communicate through a secure trusted channel.
  3. Develop new tools and features to enhance the security in wireless ad hoc networks. Adding new Kernel Procedures to OPNET Modeler 11.5.
  4. Design and Implement a new phoneme categorization system in speech processing using Matlab. Numerous applications could benefit from such system, such as, sign language recognition systems and personal identification systems.
  5. Design the main CISCO labs at Robert Morris centers.
  6. Design the Residential Home System integration at Robert Morris Center.
  7. Designing a VUE testing center at seven different locations for Robert Morris College in IL.
  8. Establish, design and implement the Residential Network System and Telecommunication Lab at Robert Morris center in Downtown Chicago, IL.
  9. Simulate digital data transmission through linear channels using Matlab.

Industry Experience

Chair, Technological Mastery Program                                                  Jan/2002- Jan/2008
Robert Morris Center, Bensenville, IL
 As Chair of the Technological Mastery Program responsibilities include the deployment of new technologies at Robert Morris Centers, administration of the technology examination center for seven different locations in IL. The evaluation and reporting of the technological mastery in the various programs of study, and serving as a liaison between faculty, staff, and the Information Technology department.     

Networking Project Manager                                                        April/2002- May/2003
Robert Morris Center, Chicago, IL       

Designing the seven CISCO labs at Robert Morris Center. Every CISCO lab consists of 9 routers and 12 switches. The labs have been used for CCNA training purposes.     

Network Administrator                                                                        July/98- July/99
Asria corporation Ltd, Amman, Jordan

Responsibilities include the supervision and training of electrical engineers and technicians, the planning and support installation of all process equipment for future modifications and overhauls, including the management of schedules and projects costs; track equipment, downtime, and trouble history and preventative/plan improvement activity; the tracking of equipment performance and engineering costs. Respond to daily equipment trouble and assist in troubleshooting, evaluation and trouble reporting.

Software Engineer                                                                                                           July/97-July/98
Asria corporation Ltd, Amman, Jordan

Responsibilities included: adding new features, providing system support and developing user-specific applications.

Relevant Teaching Experience

Instructor                                                                               Jan/2000- Jan/2006
Robert Morris College, Computer Studies department, Chicago, IL

Teaching different graduate and undergraduate Computer Network Specialist courses that provide students with a strong foundation of knowledge and skills to select, design, install, and maintain a Local/Wide Area Network as well as provide students with the necessary skills to select, manage, and repair microcomputer systems. These courses include Windows 2003 Server/ Professorial, Novell-Netware 6.0, Linux-Fedora, Visual Basic, JAVA, SQL, Wireless technology, Network security, Computer Forensics, and hardware/ software computer repair. Teaching the CCNA CISCO program at RMC. This program include LAN/WAN design, CISCO switch configuration, CISCO router configuration, WAN technologies such as Frame relay, ISDN, DSL and ATM.

Adjunct Faculty Member                                                               Dec/2002- July/2005
Benedictine University, MIS Program, Chicago, IL,

Teaching different graduate level courses, such as Computer Organization and Architecture, Enterprise- Wide Information Systems, Strategic Information Technology Management.

Professional Service

President and founder for SPICE (Special People in Computer excellence) organization. Free monthly workshops for enhancing Chicago community knowledge in recent network and wireless technologies. 

Relevant Coursework

  • Computer and Network Security
  • Wireless and cellular communication
  • Computer Networks
  • Multimedia communication
  • Network OS Programming (C++)
  • Advanced Computer Architectures
  • Operating Systems
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Control Systems

Professional Membership

Technical Program Committee (TPC)/ Conference Reviewer

  • IEEE Communication and Information Security.
  • IEEE Survey and Tutorials
  • Wiley, Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing.
  • TPC- Computer and Communications Network Security Symposium, ICC.
  • TPC- IEEE Communication and Information Security.
  • Network Security Systems, Globecom 2006.
  • Vehicular Technology Conference, VTC 2006.
  • Computer and Communications Network Security Symposium, ICC 2007.
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