Dr. Mitra Dutta

Professor and Head
Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
University of Illinois at Chicago

851 S. Morgan St M/C 154
Chicago, IL 60607
Email dutta@ece.uic.edu
Tel 312.355.2131
Fax 312.996.6465





Mitra Dutta is currently a UIC Distinguished Professor and the Head of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Her research has focused on electronic and optoelectronic devices as well as the physics of these materials and device structures. After her Ph.D. from University of Cincinnati (1981) and postdoctoral appointments at Purdue University (1981-1983), City College of New York (1983-1986), and Visiting Researcher at Brookhaven National Laboratory (1984-1986), Dr. Dutta joined the US Army Research Laboratory (then called Electronics Technology and Devices Laboratory - ETDL) first as Team Leader of the Optoelectronics Team, then as Branch Chief and finally as Division Director of the Physics Division supervising and managing a large group of scientists and engineers. In 1996 she moved to the US Army Research Office (ARO) where after a short time as a program manager for quantum electronics, she ran the Electronics Division.In 1999 she was promoted to the Senior Executive Service as Director of the Research Technology and Integration Directorate, having oversight over the $310M ARO budget. Dr. Dutta has held adjunct professor positions at Rutgers University, University of Maryland, North Carolina State University, and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She has authored or co-authored over 400 publications and presentations, holds 31 US and Canadian patents, has co-edited five books and is a co-author on a sixth. She served on the Army Science and Technology committee for Homeland Security, and coauthored the NRC Reports 1 and 2 for the Board for Army Science and Technology.


Honors and Awards

  • National Achievement Award from Society of Women Engineers, 2003
  • Fellow of the AAAS, 2003
  • IEEE Harry Diamond Award 2000
  • Fellow of the IEEE, 1999
  • 2000 Recipient of the IEEE Harry Diamond Award
  • Fellow of the OSA, 1998
  • Fellow Emeritus, Army Research Laboratory.
  • Harold Jacobs Award for Scientific Achievement, 1991
  • Department of Army, R&D Achievement Award “High Speed, High Contrast Optical Modulator”, 1995
  • Paul A. Siple Memorial Award (First Prize) Army Science Conference, 1994
  • Outstanding Army Materiel Command Personnel of the Year Award; ten awardees from 100,000 employees, 1992
  • Department of Army, R&D Achievement Award “Novel Optical Modulator using Band Mixing”1992
  • Department of Army, R&D Achievement Award “Physics and Applications of Porous Silicon”, 1992
  • Army Science Conference Third Prize “Non-Contact Method for the Measurement of Electric Fields in Semiconductors”, 1992;
  • Army Science Conference Third Prize “Studies in Porous Silicon.”, 1992’
  • Department of Army, R&D Achievement Award “Ten Micron Hot Electron Infrared Transistor’, 1990
  • Army Science Conference, Third Prize “Damage Studies in Etched and Regrown GaAs.”


Current PhD Students

Ryan Ahern
Sushmita Biswas
Hye-Son Jung
Ayan Kar

PhD Students Graduated from UIC

Dimitri Alexson, 2006
Yang Li, 2007
Jianyong Yang, 2008


Institutional and Professional Service (Last 5 Years) : Examples from last 5 years follow:

  1. Member IEEE EDS Fellow Selection Committee, 1999-2008;
  2. Program-Technical Committee, IEEE NANO-2002 and IEEE NANO-2006 Conference;
  3. About 35 review panels, paper/proposal reviews in last 5 years; recent examples: National Research Council Committee for the Board for Army Science and Technology for Homeland Defense, 2002-2005;

Other Items

  1. 13 grants totaling about $3.2 M related to Optoelectronic and Electronic Semiconductor Nanostructures and 1 1.98M ADVANCE NSF grant for improving the climate for women in Science and Engineering.
  2. 5 Internal Independent Laboratory R&D Awards for Proposals funded while in the Army Labs for about 1M
  3. Supervised 17 graduate PhD students and NRC postdocs; the graduate students and postdocs at NC State U. were supervised jointly with Prof. R. J. Nemanich who was a full-time faculty member at NC State U.