From time to time research assistantships may be available, generally in the following areas:

(1) FPGA Architecture and Tool Design
(2) Design of CAD Tools for VLSI

With Professor Shantanu Dutt
Dept. of ECE
Univ. of Illinois at Chicago
930 Science and Engr. Offices
Chicago, IL 60607-7053
Phone: (312) 355-1314; Fax: (312) 413-0024
e-mail:, URL:

We have already broken new grounds in these areas, and these projects will address new directions as well as major enhancements of our previous work. Industry demand for Ph.D.s in these areas is very high.

The major requirement for the prospective RA is an enthusiasm and motivation for doing research. The desirable course background for the student includes logic design, VLSI design, computer architecture, elementary probability theory, and data structures and algorithms. The student should also be well versed in programming in C and C++. Students with either EE, CE or CS backgrounds are appropriate for this project. Students who want to pursue a Ph.D. (preferred) or a Master's thesis are encouraged to apply.

If interested, apply with a resume in simple text form by e-mail or put a copy in my mailbox at the ECE Dept. Main Office (1020 SEO). Your resume should list your complete academic background including the specific institution from where undergraduate degree was obtained, overall grades/marks, grades/marks in relevant courses, class rank, GRE and TOEFL scores, projects/publications, and experience with computer systems and languages.