Multimedia Communications Laboratory (MCL)


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Real-Time High-Quality Global Video Communications over High-Speed Networks



Rashid Ansari
Multimedia Communications Lab
Ph.D. Princeton University
, 1981

Image and video processing, layered video compression and packetized transmission, multi-modal signal analysis, multirate filter banks and wavelets, and speech processing.

Dan Schonfeld
Co-Director, Multimedia Communications Lab
Ph.D. The
Johns Hopkins University, 1990

Signal, Image, and Video Processing; Video Communications; Video Retrieval; Video Networks; Image Analysis and Computer Vision; Pattern Recognition; and Genomic Signal Processing.

Ashfaq Khokhar
Ph.D. USC, 1993

Content-based storage and retrieval for multimedia applications, distributed multimedia database systems and networks, data mining and OLAP high performance computing, image and video processing, parallel architectures and algorithms.

Roland Priemer
Ph.D. IIT, 1969

Optimal and adaptive digital signal processing; fuzzy logic; neural networks; microprocessor based applications.


Oliver Yu
University of B.C., 1997

Next generation Internet with differentiated and integrated services; WDM optical-switched network with GMPLS signaling and optical QoS control; 3G/4G wireless mobile network with end-to-end QoS control and mobility support over wireless medium and IP-based core network.


MCL has powerful computing facilities: An Abekus Diskus-60 digital disk recorder provides video storage and editing capability. A Sun Fire 4800 8-processor server and Hitachis smart disk array cluster of 2 TBytes capacity serve as a storage server. The Sapphire Beowulf cluster a 20-PC dual-processor rack-mounted computer stack serves as the computation platform for multimedia communications. 

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