Registration Policy

This policy has been revised effective December 18, 2017.

The number of courses graduate students may register for in a single semester will be limited to a maximum of three courses and cannot include more than two non-ECE* courses. Students who have completed the maximum allowed of non-ECE credits should not register for additional non-ECE course work. The limit is placed on graduate course work only (i.e. 400-491; 500-594). The limit is not placed on ECE 595, ECE 598 or ECE 599. Furthermore, if an ECE course is crosslisted with another program, students must take the course under the ECE rubric to get degree credit. For example: A student is interested in taking ECE 466 but decides to register for CS 466 instead. There will be no degree credit for CS 466; the student must register for ECE 466.

*Registration in non-ECE course work is not required for the degree but allowed with prior DGS approval and up to the maximum allowed. Petitions are available in the Student Affairs Office. Read degree requirements here.


The policy will be enforced as follows:

Students who want to register for more than three courses need to obtain DGS approval. Petitions are available in the Student Affairs Office. 

Students who are registered for more than three courses without DGS approval will have a registration hold placed on their account. A hold will prohibit any further registration (add or drop). The department will then work with the Graduate College to drop students from courses so that the total number of courses is reduced to three. The department will decide which courses will be dropped.