Politecnico di Torino LogoIn 1997 a new international initiative began at the College of Engineering.  Professor Piergiorgio Uslenghi of the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Dept (as it was then known) launched a contract MS degree program with the Politecnico di Torino, one of the most highly regarded technical universities in Italy. This program allowed Politecnico students to take a semester of UIC course work at the Politecnico, and then finish the MS degree work in residence at UIC for one or more semesters. Each student in the program is required to have a faculty advisor at both institutions, and to defend a master’s thesis at UIC. Since 1999, over 120 EECS/ECE students have graduated from Politecnico di Torino/UIC contract program with a Master of Science degree. Nearly all of the faculty in the ECE department have advised students in the program at one time or another. The program has been a resounding success from both a student and faculty perspective, allowing for research collaborations between institutions, Ph.D. applicants for UIC, and valuable research and corporate work experience in the U.S. for international students.

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