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UIC Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering, 1020 Sciences and Engineering Offices (SEO), 851 South Morgan St.(M/C 154) Chicago, IL 60607.

Office: 1017 SEO

Lab Website: Andrew Electromagnetics Laboratory

Lab Location: ERF B17

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Ph.D. Electrical Engineering University of California, Los Angeles 1988

M.Sc. Electrical Engineering University of California, Los Angeles 1985

B.Sc. Electrical Engineering National Taiwan University, Taipei 1982

Fellow, IEEE

Elected 2000 with Citation “For Contribution to Wide-Band Ferrite Microstrip Antennas and Theory of Antennas on Periodic Structures.

Listed in “American Who’s Who in Science and Engineering”, 4th Edition, 1997

Electromagnetics as applied to various physical and engineering problems

Miniaturized printed-circuit antennas using 3D metallization for wireless communications

Antenna and circuit applications of advanced artificial materials (metamaterials and EBG materials)

On-chip RF passive designs including inductors, transformers, baluns, and filters for RFIC, and RF interferences with electronics devices.

ECE 310: Circuits and Signal Processing

ECE 311: Communication Engineering

ECE 320: Transmission Lines

ECE 220: Electromagnetic Fields

ECE 322: Communication Electromagnetics

ECE 340: Electronics I

ECE 424: Introduction to Microwave Circuits

ECE 421: Introduction to Antennas

ECE 422: Wave Propagation and Communication Links

ECE 458: Electromechanical Energy Conversion

ECE 520: Electromagnetic Field Theory

ECE 521: Computational Electromagnetics

ECE 522: Advanced Microwave Engineering

ECE 523: Advanced Antenna Engineering