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UIC Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering, 1020 Sciences and Engineering Offices (SEO), 851 South Morgan St.(M/C 154) Chicago, IL 60607.

Office: 1117 SEO

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Ph.D. Electrical Engineering
University of Liverpool, England

Dipl. Ing. Electrical Engineering
Israel Institute of Technology, Technion 1960

B.Sc. Electrical Engineering
Israel Institute of Technology, Technion 1958

B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering
Israel Institute of Technology, Technion 1958

LIFE FELLOW of the IEEE since 2003

Fellow of the IEEE, since 1985

Invention & Development of 1st FDA-approved & 1st (& only) Commercial Electrical Stimulation System, the PARASTEP, that allows complete thoracic-level Paraplegic to ambulate (1500 ft average, after completing training) independently -See VIDEO & Patents List in PERSONAL PAGES of D. Graupe. Parastep in now Medicare & Medicaid reimbursable. Also founding of Sigmedics Inc. for commercializing that System

Invention & Development of Blind Adaptive Filtering (BAF) System to filter unknown noises from unknown signals -See Patents List in PERSONAL PAGES. Also founding Intellitech Inc. to commercialize 1st BAF system for filtering unknown environmental noise from speech in Hearing Aids (1979)

Considered in the literature as Father of Digital Hearing Aid, for work on incorporating a Blind Digital Filter in Hearing Aids

Development of the LAMSTAR-Large Memory Neural Network (Cf. US Patent # 5,920,852, issued 7/6/99)

Control systems

Time series analysis

Stochastic signal and image processing


Blind adaptive filtering

Neural networks

Neural engineering

Electrical neuromuscular stimulation and biomedical control

Speech processing