ECE225 – Circuit Analysis

Description: Credit 4. Electric circuit elements; Ohms Law; Kirchhoffs laws; transient and steady-state analysis of circuits; Laplace transform methods; network theorems; laboratory.

Prerequisites: MATH 220; and Grade of C or better in PHYS 142; and Grade of C or better in ECE 115.


Basic electric circuit variables and elements
Kirchhoff’s Laws and circuit topology (nodes, loops)
AC steady state, phasors, impedances, frequency characteristics of circuits
Equivalent transformations of circuits (series, parallel), input impedance, voltage and current divison rules, superposition principle
Thevenin’s and Norton’s Theorems and source transformations
Laplace’s Transform (simplified), solution of differential equations
Transient analysis of circuits, impulse response
Linear amplifiers and circuits with dependent sources
Magnetically coupled circuits, transformers and two-port circuit elements