ECE 210 – Electrical Circuit Analysis

Description: 3 credit hours. Credit is not given for ECE 210 if the student has credit in ECE 225. Linear circuit analysis: networks, network theorems, dependent sources, operational amplifiers, energy storage elements, transient analysis, sinusoidal analysis, frequency response, and filters.

Prerequisite: Physics 142 (General Physics II) and credit or concurrent registration in Math 220 (Introduction to Differential Equations).


Definitions and units
Basic laws (Kirchhoff, Ohm)
Operational amplifiers
Mesh and nodal analysis
Linearity and superposition
Source transformation, Thevenin’s and Norton’s Theorems
Inductance and capacitance
Transient response for RL, RLC circuits
Sinusoidal steady – state analysis
Power, maximum power transfer
Frequency response and filters