Package TWiki::LoginManager::ApacheLogin

This is login manager that you can specify in the security setup section of configure. It instructs TWiki to cooperate with your web server (typically Apache) to require authentication information (username & password) from users. It requires that you configure your web server to demand authentication for scripts named "login" and anything ending in "auth". The latter should be symlinks to existing scripts; e.g., viewauth -> view, editauth -> edit, and so on.

See also TWikiUserAuthentication.

Subclass of TWiki::LoginManager; see that class for documentation of the methods of this class.

ClassMethod new ($session)

Construct the ApacheLogin object

ObjectMethod forceAuthentication () -> boolean

method called when authentication is required - redirects to (...|view)auth Triggered on auth fail

ObjectMethod loginUrl () -> $loginUrl

TODO: why is this not used internally? When is it called, and why Content of a login link

ObjectMethod login ($query,$twiki)

this allows the login and logon cgi-scripts to use the same code. all a logon does, is re-direct to viewauth, and apache then figures out if it needs to challenge the user

ObjectMethod getUser () -> $authUser

returns the userLogin if stored in the apache CGI query (ie session)

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