Interesting Links

Related to computer scince, math, the professoriate, etc.

Computational Learning Theory.

Homepage for the research area.

You can find general information on theoretical computer science, (alas slanted more towards complexity theory than algorithms or learning theory) in the Comp.theory FAQ.

Prof. Dodgson's (aka Lewis Caroll) home page.

Homepage for the Erdos number project.

A nice, searchable collection of computer science bibliographies in BibTeX format.

Current traffic conditions on the Chicago roads

Piled Higher and Deeper, the grad school comic strip.

Kids, Education, Whatever

Students of CS 335 (and others!) may wish to read the Bill of Rights (the first 10 amendments to the U. S. Constitution).

Lessons for teaching discrete math, NP completeness, etc., to middle schoolers!

Jazz site for the 4 to 8 crowd

Secular Jewish Community and School of Oark Park

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