Publicly Available Networking Testbeds

Need a few hundred machines to run a networking experiment of yours? Often times, you don't need to set up your own, you can use one of the publicly available testbeds below!

  • PlanetLab over 1000 machines deployed at universities and research labs around the world. Use this testbed to try out large-scale distributed or peer-to-peer applications, or simply to compare the speed of your Internet connection to those of your buddies.
  • Emulab 160 high-end computers, and another 160+ less powerful machines all connected with multiple network interfaces using high-end switching fabrics. Use this testbed to try out your protocols on diverse topologies, or where low latency is a key constraint.
  • Orbit Lab Orbit is a 400-node wireless network housed inside a single room. Use this for initial experiments in large-scale wireless networks. Keep in mind that a realistic deployment most likely will run into any number of environmental factors that are not present in this type of 'clean-room' environment.
  • MoteLab Harvard's MoteLab network is a large sensor-network testbed. Use this to try out your sensor network ideas on low-power, low-cost hardware.
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