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My kind of show, only one person of each size/color/gender combination. I'm extremely poor at recognizing faces - it goes way beyond having difficulty with remembering the name that goes with a face. I'll often not be sure if I've ever met a person before. Sometimes, I can't even tell if a person that just showed up is the same person that I spoke to 5 minutes ago. If a movie has two male white actors with short brown hair, I have to rely on my wife to tell me which one is which. As you can imagine, I'm a strong proponent of diversity, particularly in easy-to-distinguish visual attributes like gender, skin color, hair color, size, and hair style!

Once, I mistook one of Prof. Venkatakrishnan's (female, indian) students for his (female, indian) wife, and started asking her about their new baby, with Venkat standing right there! Yeah, it can be a problem.

So, since I started here in January 2009, I've always wanted to have a photo roster of each class that I teach, so that I can try to learn the names of my students. After much poking around, convincing, paper-form-filling, reverse-engineering and screen-scraping, I've figured out how to generate student photo rosters. It's a little rough around the edges, but it does the job.

The end result looks like a longer version of this:

UIN: 655608954
UIN: 655608954

How can you get one?

If you are UIC faculty, and you would like a photo roster like this for your class, just shoot me an email at jakob@uic.edu, with the UINs you would like to have included in the roster in plaintext, one UIN alone on each line, and I'll send it to your UIC email address. Below is an example of what you need to send me, to get a roster back:

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