ECE 553 - System Identification

Description: Credit 4. On-line and off-line identification of control systems in frequency and time domain, considering noise effects, nonlinearities, nonstationarities and distributed parameters.

Prerequisite: ECE 550

Reference: "Dynamic System Identification", G.C. Goodwyn & R.L. Payne, Academic Press, 1977.


  • Preliminaries & model structures identification via special inputs
  • Frequency domain methods
  • Step and pulse response methods of high order systems
  • Identification by pseudo random inputs
  • Nonlinear systems: volterra series
  • Linear & nonlinear time domain identification via batch and sequential least squares
  • Gradient and sequential gradient
  • Heuristic methods for nonlinear systems
  • Quazilinearization (discrete & continuous)
  • Invariant imbedding for linear & NL systems
  • Distributed parameters system identification
  • Non stationary system identification
  • System-performance sensitivity to identification errors
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