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ECE 466 - Advanced Computer Architecture

Description: Credit 3U/4G. Design and analysis of high performance uniprocessors. topics include arithmetic: multiplication, division, shifting; processor: pipelining, multiple function units. instructure sets; memory: caches, modules; virtual machines.Same as CS 466.

Prerequisite: CS 366 or ECE 366


1. Arithmetic
a. CSA multipliers
b. Division using reciprocal approximation
c. Shifting
d. Floating point

2. Processor
a. Pipelining
b. Multiple function units
c. Instruction set design
d. Instruction buffers

3. Memory
a. Multiple memory modules
b. Caches
c. Purity,technology

4. I/O
a. Disk technology
b. Alternatives to hard drives
c. Busses
d. Recent advances

5. Multiprocessors
a. Networks
b. Design options

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