ECE 465 - Digital Systems Design

Description: Credit 3U/4G. Switching algebra, combinational circuits, Mux, ROM, DCD, PLA-based designs, advanced combinational circuit minimization techniques, sychronous and asynchronous squential circuit synthesis (minimization, hazards, races, state assignment) testing.

Prerequisite: Grade of C or better in PHYS 142; and Grade of C or better in ECE 265 or Grade of C or better in CS 366.


1. Introduction 2. Switching algebra

3. Basic Boolean Function Simplification using K-Maps

4. Advanced Min. Techniques - Quine-McCluskey (QM), multi-function QM, Binary Decision Diagrams

5. Component-Based Combinational Circuit Synthesis (MUX, ROM, DCD, PLA/PAL)

6. Finite State Machine (FSM) Synthesis (Moore, Mealy)

7. Synthesis of Synchronous Sequential Circuits

8. State Minimization and State Assignment Techniques

9. Asynchronous Sequential Circuit Synthesis (Pulse & Fundamental Modes)

10. Races and Hazards in Asynchronous Sequential Circuits

11. Testing of Combinational Circuits

12. Testing of Sequential circuits

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