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ECE 417 - Digital Signal Processing II

Description: Credit 4U/5G. Computer-aided design of digital filters; quantization and round-off effects; FFT algorithms; number-theoretic algorithms; multirate signal processing; DSP architectures and programming.

Prerequisite: ECE 317


  1. Computer-Aided Design of Digital Filters
    IIR Filter Design
    Minimum Mean-Square Error
    Deczky's Method
    Group Delay Equalization
    FIR Filter Design
    Frequency Sampling
    Equiripple Filters
    Parks-McClellan Algorithm
    Linear-Phase FIR Filters
    FIR Differentiators
  2. Quantization and Round-Off Effects
    Quantization of Analog Sampling
    Quantization of IIR Filters
    Quantization of FIR Filters
    Round-Off Effects of IIR Filters
    Round-Off Effects of FIR Filters
    Limit Cycle Oscillations
    Overflow Scaling
  3. Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) Algorithms
    Radix-2 FFT Algorithm
    Goertzel Algorithm
    Chirp-z Transform Algorithm
    Quantization and Round-Off Effects of DFT
    Quantization and Round-Off Effects of FFT
  4. Number-Theoretic Algorithms
    Number Theory
    Lagranage Interpolation
    Chinese Remainder Theorem
    Fast Convolution Algorithms
    Cook-Toom Algorithm
    Winograd Algorith
  5. Hilbert Transform
    Sufficiency Theorems: Casual Sequences
    Sufficiency Theorems: Finite-Length Sequences
    Magnitude and Phase
    Fourier Transform
    Complex Sequences
  6. Multirate Signal Procesing
    Sampling Rate Conversion
    Phase Shifters
    System Interfacing
    Narrowband Lowpass Filters
    Filter Banks
    Subband Coding
    Quadrature Mirror Filters
    Oversampling Converson
  7. DSP Microprocessors
    Instruction Sets
    Programming Applications

:Lab Topics:

  1. Architecture and instruction set of a DSP microprocessor
  2. Assembly language programming of a DSP, software
  3. Four experiments in assembly language programming a DSP
    for digital signal processing
  4. Implementation of equiripple FIR filters
  5. Round-off and quantization effects
  6. Limit cycles
  7. Implementating a Hilbert transform
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