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  ECE 401 - Quasi-Static Electric and Magnetic Fields

Description: Credit 3U/4G. Static electric and magnetic fields. Material description, boundary value problems. Field energy, its conversion and scaling laws. Quasi-static fields, field diffusion, eddy currents, energy losses.

Prerequisite: ECE 322


  • Vector calculus (gradient, divergence, circulation, Green's theorems, determination of fields from sources)
  • Electrostatic field in vacuum, potential and its properties, multi-pole expansion, dipoles,

  • charges at interfaces and double layer.
  • Electrostatic fields in material media, boundary value problems, Green's function and

  • reciprocity.
  • Electrostatic energy, capacitance, scalling laws for electrostatic energy, forces, actuation, and

  • electrostatic energy conversion.
  • Magnetostatic fields in vacuum, magnetic scalar and vector potentials, multi-pole expansion,

  • magneticdipoles.
  • Magnetostatic fields in material media, boundary value problems, magnetic circuits, magnatic

  • coupling and reciprocity.
  • Magnetostatic energy, inductance, scaling laws, magnetic forces, actuation and energy conversion.
  • Maxwell's equations and quasi-static electro-magnetic fields, electromagnetic induction and

  • transformers.
  • Diffusion of quasi-static fields into conducting medium, boundary value problems, eddy currents and proximity effects.
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