ECE 366 - Computer Organization II

Description: Credit 4. Circuit technology, clocking, datapath design, controller design including timing chains and microprogramming, memory systems design in caches, virtual memory, multiple memory modules, I/O design including disk, serial and network communications.

Prerequisite: ECE 267 and CS 201.


1. Technology overview
2. Datapath design and clocking
3. Control circuitry
4. Memory systems
a. main memory
b. caches
c. virtual memory
5. I/O
a. Disk
b. Controllers
c. Serial communications

Lab Topics:

Week 1 - Introduction to Modelsim Verilog simulator. Design SR Latch using structural description.

Week 2 - Design SR Latch using behavioral description.

Week 3 - Mux and Decoder using structure and behavioral descriptions.

Week 4 - Ripple Carry Adder in structural description.

Week 5 - Carry Lookahead Adder in structural description.

Week 6 - D Flip Flop.

Week 7 - 4 bit ALU.

Week 8,9 - Build Processor Components: register file, mux, control unit (FSM) in behavioral description.

Week 10,11,12 - Multi-cycle Implementation of a Processor Core using the components in lab8.

Week 13,14,15 - 5-Stage Pipelined Processor Core using the components in lab 8.

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