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ECE 346 - Solid State Device Theory

Description: Credit 4. Introduction to semiconductors, Energy bands, Electron and hole transport mechanisms in semiconductor devices, Recombination and generation, P-N Junctions, Intro to metal-oxide-semiconductor field effect transistors.

Prerequisite: MATH 220, grade of C or better in ECE 115, and a grade of C or better in PHYS 142


1. Introduction to semiconductors: basic properties and crystal structure

2. Elements of quantum mechanics

3. Energy bands theory

4. Energy gaps, and carrier types

5. Carrier statistics, distributions and concentrations

6. Drift, diffusion and generation-recombination statistics

7. Fundamentals device equations

8. pn junction at equilibrium: carrier concentrations and electrostatics

9. pn junction diode: I-V characteristics, nonidealities, small signal and transient behavior

10. Introduction to bipolar junction transistors (BJTs)

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