Dr. Sudip Mazumder, ECE Professor, has received a new NSF $315,575 grant. Prof. Mazumder is PI on the project entitled "Novel Optically-Activated High-Voltage and Single-Bias Wide-Bandgap High-Frequency Thyristor for Next-Generation Smart Grid", Award No. ECCS-1202384, effective October 1 , 2012 and expiring September 30, 2015.

The objectives of this project are to: 1) realize and optimize a high-gain, high voltage, and high-temperature SiC integrated thyristor; 2) reduce the optical-triggering power requirement of the thyristor; and 3) experimentally characterize the fabricated prototype device for performance validation.


Research Objectives and Approaches:

The objectives of this project are as follows: 1) To realize and optimize a high-gain, high voltage (HV) (>10 kV, >35 A), and high-temperature SiC Integrated Thyristor, which is triggered in a non-latched manner using a very low power and short-wavelength single monochromatic photonic source by hybrid integration; 2) To reduce the optical-triggering power requirement of the SiC-based Integrated Thyristor by optimization of optical-absorption efficiency, lifetime control, and localized photogeneration-recombination process; and 3) Experimental characterizations of the fabricated prototype device for performance validation.

Intellectual Merit:

The novel all-optical and single-bias (i.e. only the power bias) SiC Integrated Thyristor improves upon all core all-electrical multi-bias HV integrated thyristors including ETO/IGCT/MTO. Further, the Integrated Thyristor also provides a superior solution to the state-of-the-art SiC DMOSFET and SiC IGBT for the HV power systems in multiple aspects. The bipolar device provides numerous device and system level advantages with regard to response time and switching frequency, reliability, ease of triggering, on-state drop, current and voltage scalabilities, fabrication, thermal conductivity, electromagnetic-interference immunity, electrical isolation, and energy-conversion efficiency.

Broader Impacts:

The impact of the HV SiC Integrated Thyristor is expected to be radical with applications including direct-grid-interface solar, wind, fuel-cell inverters, energy-storage systems, FACTS, power-quality conditioners, HVDC systems, motor drives, solid-state transformers, fault-current limiters, and pulsed-power systems. The proposed project will provide doctoral education to a Ph.D. researcher. Further, multiple undergraduate (including minority) students and middle-school students will be provided research/educational opportunities. Results of the research will be integrated into an undergraduate and a graduate course at UIC.


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