Spring 2015 Advising Week
October 27 - 31

Spring 2015 Faculty Advising week.

All Engineering students are required to seek advising from their faculty advisor prior to registering for the Spring 2015 term. An advising hold will be placed on the record of each Engineering student which will prevent them from registering until they speak with their faculty advisor.

Engineering students should visit their departmental offices to make an appointment with their advisor during the 9th week of the term (October 20 - 24). Advising will take place during the 10th week of the term (October 27 – 31). Failure to see your faculty advisor during this time may result in delaying your registration.

College Departments

Bioengineering 218 SEO
Chemical Engineering 216 CEB
Civil and Materials Engineering 2095 ERF
Computer Science 905 SEO
Electrical and Computer Engineering 1020 SEO
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering 2039 ERF

Undeclared Majors should make an appointment in the Engineering main office in Room 123 SEO.


my.UIC is a comprehensive resource for Current Students which includes Registration, Financial, Academic & Personal information. You should be using this student portal to access class schedule and registration information as well as easy login access to blackboard and other University related systems.

Graduation Check

Once you are registered for the Spring 2015 term, if you are planning on graduating in the Summer or Fall 2015 you should submit a Graduation Check form that can be downloaded from the link above or picked up in our main office in room 123 SEO.

Submit Intent to Graduate Online!

Graduation from the College of Engineering is not automatic. Students who intend to graduate following the completion of the Spring 2015 term must submit the online Intent to Graduate form, no later than the 3rd week of the Spring semester for Spring grads. Students may submit their Intent to Graduate through the my.UIC portal.

Online DARS Reports

Students should view their online DARS report prior to attending their faculty advising appointment and print this report out to discuss with their advisor. If you have questions about what is on your DARS report or feel that it is inaccurate, please feel free to email one of the Engineering Counselors (below) so that they can review the DARS report and make any necessary changes. If you contact one of the counselors by email, please list your UIN and be as specific as possible about what you believe is wrong with your DARS reports so that we can better understand the problem and get back to you in a timely matter.

Engineering Counselors

Elena Diaz
Assistant Director, Academic Resource Center

email - web - 107 SEO

Chris Kuypers
Associate Director, Academic Resource Center

email - web - 111 SEO

Peter Meyer
Assistant Director, Academic Resource Center

email - web - 108 SEO

Spring 2015 Schedule of Classes

The schedule of classes, listing, CRNs, class times, days, and locations of course sections offered for the spring will be available for viewing and printing from the on-line Schedule of Classes. Please follow the link to view the Schedule of Classes for the Spring 2015 term:

Time Ticket (Appointment to Register)

All eligible continuing students will be able to view their time ticket on my.UIC

Add / Drop / Deadlines

Engineering students may DROP a class through the Friday of the second week of the Fall and Spring Semesters and through the Friday of the first week of the Summer Session without any penalty.

All undergraduate students have four opportunities over the course of their UIC enrollment to drop a course without penalty from the third through tenth weeks of the Fall and Spring Semesters and from the second through fifth weeks of the Summer Session.

Late drops in this period are approved, regardless of the circumstances, provided that the student submits a General Petition Form to the COE Front Office (123 SEO) within the designated period and that the student has not exceeded the limit of four late drops. The merits of the student's request are not a factor in determining eligibility for an exception.

Requests to drop a course after the tenth week of the Fall and Spring Semesters, and after the fifth week of the Summer Session, or requests to drop a course within the approved exception period in excess of the four automatic drops are not routinely granted unless there are exceptional circumstances, outside of the student's control and that can be documented. Requests require a written petition and are reviewed by the Dean of the College. Poor performance in a course is not a sufficient reason to justify approval of a request.

Because of the limitations on dropping classes, students are advised to evaluate their academic standing in the course with the instructor before requesting to exercise one of the allowable late drops.

Repeating a course with Grade Point Average Recalculation

For classes taken at UIC from the Fall 2009 forward, you can petition to have Grade Point Average Recalculation for up to 4 courses total during your UIC studies. YOU MUST DECLARE YOUR INTENT TO DO SO BY THE END OF THE 2ND WEEK OF CLASSES (1ST WEEK DURING SUMMER). A General Petition Form may be obtained from the main Engineering office in room 123 SEO. More information on this policy can be found in the online UIC catalog under the heading Repeating a Course with Grade Point Average Recalculation.

Check your record for any holds that may prevent you from registering.

Students may sign into my.UIC to find out if there are any holds on your account that will prevent registration. ALL Engineering students will have an Advising Hold placed on their record until they speak with their advisor.

Student Responsibility

As a student, you are responsible for knowing and adhering to the policies, deadline, and procedures contained in the Timetable. Avoid potential enrollment problems by carefully reading University rules and regulations regarding registration and add/drop of courses.. You can receive credit only for those courses for which you are properly registered. Likewise, you assume academic and financial responsibility for any course for which you register unless you officially cancel or withdraw your registration according to established deadline, which are published at the University.

As a precaution, you should verify your schedule prior to the 1st day of classes, before the add/drop deadline (end of 2nd week), and prior to the late drop deadline (end of 10th week).


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