The ECE faculty in the nanotechnology and related areas have active Argonne National Laboratory Logocollaborations with researchers at Argonne National Lab (ANL). ANL has also periodically given internships to ECE Ph.D. students. Two examples of collaborations between ECE and ANL are those involving Prof. Methlushko’s and Paprotny’s research.

Prof. Metlushko’s research in nano-science and engineering is inherently interdisciplinary. Without any doubt one could say that Prof. Metlushko’s work at ANL would not have been possible without the excellent assistance of his colleagues there: (a) G.Crabtree, M.Grimsditch, G.P.Felcher,  D.J.Hinks, M.Kirk, V W. Kwok. Dongqi Li, V. Novosad, L.Rehn, U.Welp and N.Zaluzec, at the Materials Science Division, ANL. (b) V. Rose and S.D.Bader at Argonne NanoCenter . (c) G. Srajer, Y. Choi , D. R. Lee and J. W. Freeland at Advanced Photon Source, ANL. The results of this UIC/ANL collaboration were published in more than 30 articles.

Prof. Paprotny has collaboratde with ANL researchers Ralu Divan, Liliana Stan, and Leo Occola on developing nanomaterials for new experimental sensors, as well as novel mobile and flying microrobotic platforms.

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