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David Borth, has had an illustrious career in Motorola in various capacities including VP and Director of the Corporate Labs as well as Corporate VP and CTO of Enterprise Mobility Solutions. David is a Fellow of IEEE and a Member of the National Academy of Engineering. David received his PhD from UIUC working with Mike Purseley. David is well recognized as the leading international expert in spread spectrum communications. In addition to his publications (which are very well cited, one alone having ~1000 citations and a total of nearly 2900 citations), and book chapters and books, he has had 113 issued patents worldwide.

Jingjing Li, was a Postdoctoral Research Associate in Hewlett Packard Research Labs after he received his PhD in 2007 from University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, and B. S. in Electrical Engineering, 2000 from Department of Electrical Engineering, Tsinghua University. His research interests are in theoretical and experimental study on optics at micro- and nanometer scale; the interdisciplinary areas of optics, mechanics and bio-sensing. In addition to ~60 journal publications and conference proceedings he has had 20 patents issued or filed and another 19 in process.

Junxia Lucy Shi comes to us from Cornell University from Lester Eastman’s group Lucy is his 125thPhD student. Her work in GaN power devices has achieved world record performance. She has been awarded a de Karman award as well as the Chinese Government Award for outstanding student abroad. She has published nearly forty journal and conference proceedings.

Zheng Yang was a Postdoctoral Research Associate, at Harvard University, after his PhD in EE in 2009 from of University of California, Riverside and a MS and BS in Physics, from Nanjing University (China). His research interests are in Oxide Devices for Optoelectronic/Photonic/Photovoltaic/ Magnetoelectronic/Spintronic as well as for Nanoelectronic Correlated Switching Devices. He is also interested in Fuel Cells; Oxide photo-catalysts, Oxide Devices for Clean and Renewable Energy Utilization. In addition to ~ 60 journal publications and ~41 conference proceedings and presentations, has about 800 citations to his work already.


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