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Rashid Ansari, Professor and Department Head
PhD, Princeton University, 1981

Image and video processing, layered video compression and packetized transmission, multi-modal signal analysis, multirate filter banks and wavelets, and speech processing.

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Lo'ay Abu Salah, Clinical Associate Professor
PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2006

Wireless sensor networks, network security, computer networking, Communications and Signal Processing, computer simulation models, Biometric systems, optimal control in robotics and Interdisciplinary Product Development.

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Mahshid Amirabadi, Assistant Professor
PhD, Texas A&M University, 2013

Power electronics, Renewable energy systems, Electric and hybrid electric vehicles, ac drives.

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Jezekiel Ben-Arie, Professor
PhD, Israel Institute of Technology, 1986

Computer vision, image processing, video processing, neural networks, multimedia databases, signal processing, auditory modelling, computer engineering, human computer interaction, human activity analysis.

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Wolfgang-Martin Boerner, Emeritus Professor
PhD, University of Pennsylvania, 1967

Electromagnetics, inverse scattering, modern optics, geoelectromagnetism, electromagnetic imaging, remote sensing, wideband radar and optical polarimetry.

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David Borth, Professor
PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1979

Wireless communication systems, spectrum sharing methods including cognitive radio, implementation of communication systems via digital signal processing methods

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Vahe Caliskan, Clinical Associate Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies
PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2000

Power electronics, analog circuit design, automotive electronics and computer-aided modeling/simulation.

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Natasha Devroye, Assistant Professor
PhD, Harvard University, 2007

Applied mathematics, communications and signal processing with a particular focus on cognitive radio networks, information theory, multi-user communication and coding, wireless networks, and two-way communications.

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Shantanu Dutt, Professor
PhD, University of Michigan, 1990

Computer-Aided design of FPGA and VLSI circuits (physical design, physical synthesis, logic synthesis, high-level synthesis, timing and power-driven design tools with temperature considerations), combinatorial optimization, fault-tolerant computing—systems and chips, trust and security in VLSI chips and computer systems, FPGA testing, and parallel computing.

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Mitra Dutta, Distinguished Professor
PhD, University of Cincinnati, 1981

Optoelectronics devices and novel quantum and nanoscale devices, optical characterization of optoelectronic devices and structures, wide band gap structures and devices, bio-optoelectronics.

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Danilo Erricolo, Professor
PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago, 1998

Wireless communications; electromagnetic wave propagation; electromagnetic modeling, measurements and simulation; electromagnetic compatibility; computational electromagnetics; computation of special functions; magnetic resonance imaging; and, radar.

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Alan Feinerman, Associate Professor
PhD, Northwestern University, 1987

Miniaturization of the scanning electron microscope; linear accelerator/undulator and other analytical instruments; 3D-fabrication techniques.

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Kimberly Fitzgerald, Lecturer
MS, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2008

Communications, signal processing, image processing

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Daniel Graupe, Emeritus Professor
PhD, University of Liverpool, England, 1963

Control systems, time series analysis, stochastic signal and image processing, wavelets, blind adaptive filtering, neural networks, neural engineering, electrical neuromuscular stimulation and biomedical control, speech processing.

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Mohamed Hefeida, Visiting Assistant Professor
PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2013

Wireless sensor and ad hoc networks, context aware access control and routing, cross-layer design and optimization, wireless communication and embedded systems.

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Ning Jin, Clinical Assistant Professor
PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2011

Adaptive Dynamic Programming and Reinforcement Learning, Intelligent Control, Neural Networks

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Sharad R. Laxpati, Emeritus Associate Professor
PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1965

Electromagnetic theory, antennae, computational electromagnetic scattering, microwaves, wave propagation and communication.

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Gyungho Lee, Emeritus Professor
PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1986

Computer architecture, microprocessor and networking hardware design, compiler optimization, and computer system security.

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Jingjing Li, Assistant Professor
PhD, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, 2007

Integrated micro- and Nano- optics, optical antenna, optical devices for bio-sensing and manipulation, opto-mechanics, plasmonics and metamaterials, general electromagnetics.

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James Lin, Emeritus Professor
PhD, University of Washington, 1971

Biomedical instrumentation; electromagnetic engineering for biology and medicine; imaging and sensing; bioelectromagnetics; mobile telecommunication safety; biological interactions of electromagnetic radiation including RF, microwaves, and lasers.

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Derong Liu, Professor
PhD, University of Notre Dame, 1994

Adaptive Dynamic Programming and Reinforcement Learning, Control and Management of Complex Systems, Intelligent Control, Neural Networks, Power Systems.

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Sudip K. Mazumder, Professor
PhD, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Virginia, 2001

Renewable energy systems and smart/micro grid, distributed and nonlinear control of interactive power-electronics/power networks, optically triggered wide-bandgap power-electronics device and control technologies, SiC and GaN based power electronics, systems on chip/module (SoC/SoM).

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Vitali Metlushko, Professor
PhD, Moscow State University, Moscow, 1990

Advanced recording media, new magnetic materials and nano-technology.

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Igor Paprotny, Assistant Professor
PhD, Dartmouth College, 2008

Microelectromechanical systems, microrobotics, air-microfluidics, energy systems sensing, energy harvesting, physical computing paradigms.

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Roland Priemer, Emeritus Associate Professor
PhD, Illinois Institute of Technology, 1969

Optimal and adaptive digital signal processing; fuzzy logic; neural networks; microprocessor based applications.

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Wenjing Rao, Assistant Professor
PhD, University of California, San Diego, 2008

Reliability, Computer Aided Design, and novel computation paradigms in emerging nanoelectronic systems, defect and fault tolerance, VLSI test.

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Dan Schonfeld, Professor
PhD, Johns Hopkins University, 1990

Signal, Image, and Video Processing; Video Communications; Video Retrieval; Video Networks; Image Analysis and Computer Vision; Pattern Recognition; and Genomic Signal Processing.

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Hulya Seferoglu, Assistant Professor
PhD, University of California-Irvine, 2010

Mobile and wireless networks, computer networks, network control and optimization, network coding, and multimedia networking

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Junxia (Lucy) Shi, Assistant Professor
PhD, Cornell University, Ithaca, 2010

Compound semiconductor devices and materials for power conversion, photovoltaic, optical and other applications, as well as novel devices based on materials such as graphene.

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Michael Stroscio, Richard and Loan Hill & Distinguished Professor
PhD, Yale University, 1974

Electrical, optical, and mechanical properties of nanostructures, quantum transport, solid state electronics and optoelectronics, phonons in nanostructures, theory of nanodevices, applications of nanoscale structures and devices in electrical engineering and bioengineering.

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R. Michael Tanner, Emeritus Professor,
PhD, Stanford University, 1971

Coding and information theory, computer simulation models, educational uses of information technology, and intellectual property.

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Daniela Tuninetti, Associate Professor
PhD, Ecole nationale supérieure des télécommunications, 2002

Information and Coding Theory with special focus on multiuser networks and wireless communications. Our goal is to understand the ultimate limits of communication networks, seen a system,from physical layer to networking layer.

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Piergiorgio L. E. Uslenghi, Emeritus Distinguished Professor
PhD, University of Michigan, 1967

Electromagnetics, scattering theory, modern optics, solid state, applied mathematics.

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H. Y. David Yang, Professor
PhD, University of California, Los Angeles, 1988

Applied Electromagnetics with emphasis on antennas and high-frequency circuits.

Research interests include metamaterials, electrically small antennas, millimeter-wave integrated antennas and arrays, passive components on RFIC, and RF Class E/F/inverse F power amplifiers for lighting.

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Zheng Yang, Assistant Professor
PhD, University of California, Riverside, 2009

Electronic materials and devices towards functional applications in nanoelectronics, optoelectronics, spintronics, and energy harvesting; with particular interests in oxide semiconductor thin films and nanostructures.

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Milos Zefran, Professor, Director of Graduate Studies
PhD, University of Pennsylvania, 1996

Robotics, modeling and control of hybrid systems, geometric methods for robot trajectory planning, numerical methods for optimal control in robotics, human manipulation, rehabilitation.

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Zhichun Zhu, Associate Professor
PhD, College of William and Mary, 2003

Computer architecture, parallel and distributed computing, performance modeling and evaluation, and energy-efficient computer designs.

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Adjunct Faculty

Prith Banerjee, Chief Technology Officer at ABB
PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, 1984

Parallel alorithms for VLSI design automation, distributed memory parallel compilers, and compilers for adaptive computing.

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Robert Becker, Lecturer
MSc, The University of Illinois, Chicago, 1989

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Heinz Busta, Adjunct Professor
Founder, Prairie Prototypes, LLC
PhD, Physics, Northwestern University, 1973

MEMS/NEMS, sensors and actuators, nanofabrication, vacuum microelectronics, display technology, and programmed micro/nano assembly.

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George Crabtree, Professor
PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago, 1988

Experimental condensed matter

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Vladimir Goncharoff, Lecturer
PhD, Northwestern University, 1983

Digital speech processing; computer-aided circuit analysis.

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Siddhartha Ghosh, Associate Professor
PhD, University of Michigan, 2003

Molecular beam epitaxy of compound semiconductors and multifunctional oxides (BaTiO3, ZnO, HgCdTe, etc) and fabrication of high-performance optoelectronic devices.

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Gail M. Keenan, Associate Professor
PhD, University of Illinois Chicago, College of Public Health, 1994

Standardized representation of nursing in the Electronic Health Record, usability of EHR features, and datamining, statistical analyses, and visualization of EHR data.

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Ashfaq Khokhar, Professor
PhD, University of Southern California, 1993

Content-based storage and retrieval for multimedia applications, distributed multimedia database systems and networks, data mining and OLAP high performance computing, image and video processing, parallel architectures and algorithms.

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Ajay Kshemkalyani, Associate Professor
PhD, Ohio State University, 1991

Computer networks, distributed computing, distributed systems, algorithms, concurrent systems.

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Jean-Pierre Leburton, Gregory Stillman Professor
PhD, University of Liege (Belgium), 1978


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John Lillis, Associate Professor
PhD, University of California San Diego, 1996

CAD for VLSI -- placement, routing, logic synthesis, timing optimization; combinatorial Optimization -- local search, heurstics based on constraint imposition and relaxation.

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Derrick C. Mancini, Professor
PhD, Uppsala University, 1994

Nanofabrication, advanced lithographies, MEMS & NEMS, nanofluids and nanogels, x-ray nanocharacterization and nanotomography, x-ray optics, and synchrotron radiation instrumentation.

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Arye Nehorai, Professor
PhD, Stanford University, 1983

Signal processing, communications, and biomedicine.

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Vera Pless, Professor Emerita

Coding theory; combinatorics

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Siva Sivanantham, Professor
PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago, 1988

Experimental condensed matter

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Venugopal Veeravalli, Professor
PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1992

Communication and Wireless Systems

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Diana J. Wilkie, Professor and Harriet H. Werley Endowed Chair

Pain specialist with a special emphasis on palliative and end-of-life care in cancer and other life-threatening illnesses

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Stephen Yau, Professor
PhD, The State University of New York at Stony Brook, 1976

Algebraic geometry, singularity theory; complex geometry; CR geometry; nonlinear filtering theory; algebraic geometry code; information theory; control theory; financial math; image database; computer software testing.

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Philip S. Yu, Professor and Wexler Chair in Information Technology
PhD, Stanford University, 1978

Data mining, database and web

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