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The CAVE2™ Hybrid Reality Environment can display both 2D and 3D data simultaneously. (Photo: Lance Long, UIC/EVL) Mayank Lahiri, a PhD student in the Computational Population Biology Lab, has received the Provost's Award for his project on automatic identification of zebras from photographs, a project he has started in Kenya as a student in the Field Computational Population Biology course this semester. He will use the award to go back to Kenya to validate, fine-tune, and deploy the system where it is most needed: in the field, so the nature conservancy staff, field assistants, researchers, and scouts can use it to do their job studying and saving zebras. Professor Isabel Cruz delivers keynote talk at the IV Alberto Mendelzon Workshop on Foundations of Data Management 1st place in UIC Image of Research 2011: Mayank Lahiri's StripeSpotter, a program for automatic identification of individual zebras from photographs. BITS Lab, in collaboration with UIC Facilities Management, recently launched the UIC Shuttle Tracker, which provides the real-time location of the UIC Bus Service as well as CTA buses within the UIC campus. The UIC Shuttle Tracker is available at http://bus.uic.edu/. In addition to real-time locations, the system also provides approximate arrival time predictions for all stops on the shuttle routes. EVL students JD Pirtle, Arthur Nishimoto, Karan Chakrapani, Todd Silvia, and Philip Pilosi received Honorable Mention for "20 Foot Canvas." The project pays homage to traditional painting, enabling artists to paint on a large-scale digital “canvas” by touching the wall with fingers or traditional brushes.

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